roze bloem

You are like a flower,

born to bloom and to radiate

the bliss of being,

beautiFULLY you.

- Karlijn

Karlijn Krijgsman

Beauty has the power to transform, to heal our connection with spirit, soul and body.


It is a pathway to the divine. And simultaneously it is experienced more and more when you are aware of the divinity of all. You can not understand beauty, it just hits you. 


If you find yourself searching for truth, soul purpose, inner peace, love and fulfillment in your life, then I can meet you exactly there. I recognize this search in my own life. It truly is an act of love. In 'the searching' I ​became more aware of the GIFT OF LIFE itself. The fullness and aliveness of it. The mystery of it.  Beautiful and whole in every way. Including and beyond all human experiences in the physical, emotional en mental body. 


Krijgsman means warrior. And I gratefully carry this name for it is my purpose as a love-warrior, to bring out more of our essential and natural BEAUTY. The beauty of existence itself, sparkling as a diamond in all its facets; raw, pure and splendid.

My offerings come in different forms but in essence they all serve the same purpose: 


In authenticity, intimacy and inner freedom. I believe this is a deep longing in all of us. 


Beauty is the proper dwellingplace for an enlightnened consciousness

- Jordan Peterson

Circling - art of conscious connection
Close-up van blad



The key elements I use in my work are STILLNESS, SOUND & NATURE. All three are pure expressions of source . And using the power of them will support you greatly in discovering your true and beautiful self. 


I also feel passionate about THE ART OF CONSCIOUS RELATING. I facilitate experiences based on circling and surrendered leadership.

Deepen your inner stillness

in a silent retreat. A three day immersion in silence, nature and rest.


Deepen your presence and bring more aliveness and intimacy in your relationships.

Discover the healing power of sound. And express yourself freely and authentically.

Open the door to your soul and explore your inner world. Relaxe deeply into being you and find the answers within.


"I felt a desire for more depth in my meditations and to be able to surrender to the silence. Karlijn guides the retreat with so much softness, beauty and delicacy.

I could sink deeper into myself, relax and open up to silence and serenity. I experience a great sense of peace in me wherever I go."


Bep Ruting - participant silent retreat



Karlijn Krijgsman

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In utter silence is the only possibility to merge, to meet, to share - Osho