A room in your house or the place where you work,

it is possible to transform it in a sacred space to feel more calm, balanced, inspired and uplifted.

Specific items, materials, composition, colors and even aroma have a positive affect on your well-being.

I offer interior design to live and work in a more vibrant, balanced environment.

Buddha Statue

A sacred space
is where you 
find yourself
again and again.

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It can be very difficult to cultivate inner peace if our surroundings are chaotic or cluttered. 

There is a clear connection between a clean and beautifully decorated space and well-being.


Among other things, studies have shown that a neat and clean home can actually lower Cortisol levels. It is possible to learn to care for your body as you care for your home, and care for your home as we care for your body.

help you to create a sacred space in your home or workplace that will nourish, soothe and support you, by:

  • using, scent, nature and sometimes sound to help elevate the energy level in your home

  • creating an altar in your home to honor your space and everything that you love

  • helping you to understand how each room in your house relates to your chakra system

  • creating a space that relaxes your mind, body, and spirit in your personal surroundings

  • Select colors for your space that will bring you back into balance 

  • Incorporating fragrances into your space that soothe your senses


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