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Create a lifestyle that increases

your vitality, clarity and fulfillment

8 video | 8 audio | 4 yogalessons | 4 meditations | 12 recipes | tools & inspiration | 4 workbooks

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In this 4 week online program you discover the healing power of nature. In the form of her beauty, her nutrition and her energy. Living in harmony with nature is something we still know deep down inside. Although we sometimes seem to forget.

Prana is life force energy that is everywhere. It is all around us, regardless of our awareness or our ability to utilize it. Prana is something we cannot measure, we cannot hold, we cannot taste. It can only be felt by the more subtle layers of our ethereal body.

We need to remember that in all that we do, actively or passively, we are in the midst of prana. The right diet, right breathing, the appropriate physical exercises, good relationships, etc all increase our ability to avail of the prana that surrounds us.

It is thus crucial to keep our physical body and our etheric body clean and balanced.


Prana means life energy. The more we connect with (inner) nature, the more prana we feel flowing through our body. This  4 week program 'YES TO PRANA!' empowers you to unlock the key to your best possible self. When you say yes to Prana you say yes to yourself!


Having a PRANA Lifestyle means first of all: love yourself, take care of yourself and your body as it is a vehicle in this life and learn how to nourish it and keep your energy and vibration high.

You learn also how to stay in tune with who you are, essentially and authentically. This program is your navigation to a lifestyle that increases your vitality, clarity and fulfillment.


Aspects of this program: selflove, breath, stillness, voice, expression, meditation, creation, movement, selfcare, surroundings, relationships, food/nourishment,  mindtraining,  focussing and bodywork. 


What you get

* Mindful Yoga & Meditation Practices


* Detoxifying & Prana recipes 


* ​Daily routine inspiration


* Wild plants & essential oils to maximise support 

* Stress reduction & embodiment practices

* Skills for a better relationship with yourself and others

​* Tips for more prana in your home & workspace

* A safe community to inspire & uplift each other

Flower mandala

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" is a well-known statement by Plato. What someone experiences as beauty can be very personal. Yet there are laws of nature that play a role when it comes to experiencing beauty. For example symmetry. But also the Golden Ratio. This fibonacci spiral is also seen as Divine Proportion. You will find it in the galaxies, hurricanes, flowers, snail shells, paintings, architecture and even the distance between your phalanges are based on this principle. It is a blueprint of the universe and therefore also of ourselves and that makes us recognize it and experience it as beauty.


There is a lot of beauty in nature. In shapes, colors and scents. Beauty can make life energy flow more, restore connection with our feelings, inspire, expose our deepest desires, soothe and bring us closer to ourselves.


Although nature is beautiful in itself, I love to co-create and make nature-art. It has a nourishing and healing effect. It unites the perishable and the eternal.

In utter silence is the only possibility to merge, to meet, to share - Osho