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Create a natural way of living 

that increases your

vitality, clarity and fulfillment

8 video | 8 audio | 4 yogalessons | 4 meditations | 12 recipes | tools & inspiration | 4 workbooks

In this 4 week online program you'll discover the healing POWER OF PRANA.  It is your navigation to a way of living that increases your vitality, clarity and fulfillment.

Prana is life force energy that is everywhere. Regardless of our awareness or our ability to utilize it. Prana is something we cannot measure, we cannot hold, we cannot taste. It can only be felt by the more subtle layers of our ethereal body. It permeates reality on all levels including living beings and inanimate objects like buildings, food, music and more. Some objects, beings, places are high on prana and some are low. 

This is why you can feel drained after a meeting with one person and totally uplifted after a chat with another person. This is why you can get a headache from being in a supermarket and feel energized after a walk in nature.


Nature is full of prana, in the form of her beauty, her nutrition and her energy. Living in harmony with nature is something we still know deep down inside. Sounds simple...and it is! Yet we sometimes tend to forget or let our lives be dominated by our thoughts, busy schedule and habits that are not supporting us in our life energy.

So if you are up for a change and want to create a way of life full energy, clarity and fulfillment then join this program!


We need to remember that in all that we do, actively or passively, we are in the midst of prana. The right diet, right breathing, the appropriate physical exercises, good relationships, our surroundings, what we read, listen to and watch... All increase our ability to avail of the prana that surrounds us.

It is thus crucial to keep our physical body and our etheric body clean and balanced. 

This 4 week program teaches you how you can eat, move, create healthy routines, clear your energy and your living surrounding and connect with yourself and others in a way that increases your prana. 

The program contains 8 video's, 4 audio's, 8 yogalessons, 8 worksheets, a private online community-space and 1 online Live Q & A call.

What you get

* Mindful Yoga & pranayama breathing  techniques


* Detoxifying & Prana recipes 


* ​​Daily routine inspiration​


* Wild plants & essential oils to maximise support 

* Stress reduction & embodiment practices

* Skills for a better relationship with yourself and others

​* Tips for more prana in your home & workspace

* One online live Q & A call

* A safe community to inspire & uplift each other


Yes, I want to benefit

the power of prana!

€ 99,00