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Living a conscious and true life is what drives me. The more I relax in being me, authentically and naturally, the more bliss I experience.

My greatest Teachers are Stillness, Beauty and Nature.

Stillness is our source. Life springs from it and returns to it.

By being aware of this, I experience more peace, beauty and joy in myself. Of course, all kinds of emotions, thoughts and patterns still pass by. Sometimes like a babbling brook and sometimes like a wild waterfall. And at the same time there is this immovable stillness within, a deep ocean of love and peace. That is our true nature.


Beauty has the power to transform, to heal our connection with spirit, soul and body.


It is a pathway to the divine. And simultaneously it is experienced more and more when you are aware of the divinity of all. You can not understand beauty, it just hits you. 

Nature is what we are, although often we see ourselves separate from nature. But there is this universal law: "as above, so below, as within so without." In everything we can see the reflection of ourselves. How the universe works, so does nature work, so work our bodies as well. We can learn so much from (spending time in) nature and use her medicine in many ways. 


It is my joy to facilitate you on the path of beauty, truth and fulfillment.


The more we are aware of our true nature, the more we can live in bliss of being. The more we can pass this on to others.


And so we walk each other home.

There is nothing to achieve.

What you desire is what you are. 

In our western society we are used to live with high mental activity;  busy with all that we have to, want, find, think, wish, do, want to achieve, have experienced and what is ahead of us. We have to schedule "doing nothing" if we allow ourselves the time to do so.


We are inundated with stimuli, social media, pressure to perform. In contacts we prefer to fill the "awkward silences" with superficial exchanges. And without realizing it, we are exhausting ourselves and living with dormant feelings of dissatisfaction.


Stillness is a source in each of us to which we can recharge. It does not mean that we aren't doing anything or that  there's no exuberance in our lives. On the contrary, we can feel very alive and an effortless flow of creation can arise, especially when we are more in touch with the stillness within ourselves.


Moved by stillness, everything blossoms!


I would love to meet you here and during a retreat, training, get-together or individual session.


Education: Communications (university of applied sciences) , acting school, art of hosting, priestess training, circling & surrendered leadership, voicehealing, mindfulnesstrainer.

Experience: yoga, mindfulness, meditation, shamanism, focussing, advaita, tantra, (stillness) retreats, life itself.

Work: media, 12 year teacher Communications at university of applied sciences: communication skills, public speaking, coaching, developing courses.& trainings.

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