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1 April - 30 June 2021

Come home to yourself, feel free to be fully you, create a life in harmony with inner and outer nature, bring your gifts into the world, embody more of your inner beauty.

The Flourishing Journey

Do you recognize this longing, to be fully and truly yourself?

To live a life in which you can flourish.

In everyday life, in the midst of all challenges that it brings?


And are you ready to step into your leadership, to take responsibility for your self

and to bring more beauty into the world by being fully you?

In this 3 month online program you'll work with the 5 keys

to a more flourishing life.  It is your navigation to a way of living

that increases your vitality, clarity and fulfillment.



Beautify your inner spirit

Uplift your mental and emotional state of being with evidence-based practices like forgiveness, self-acceptance and gratitude. 


Feel more physical vitality

Nourish and care for your inner, outer, and energetic body through nutrition, sleep and movement. Transform your routines into healing rituals inspired by self-care, vitality and nourishment that align our innermost nature with our outer expression.


Cultivate meaning and purpose

Spread beauty out into the world by giving back to your community. By cultivating meaning, creativity, and connections to self, community, and spirit. Feel a greater sense of belonging.



Glass Jars with Plants

This is for you


You feel there is more in you that wants to be lived,

but you don't know how

You are on a threshold in life in this moment

and you feel unclear about your next steps

You want to be more authentic in your life

You have the feeling of 'missing something',

not feeling whole

You want to bring your gifts into the world

You are ready to step into your leadership

and take responsibility for your life!

You are willing to invest €777,- in your flourishing



1. BE * unlock the gate to HOME

The journey starts with going inwards. You will be guided into more inner stillness and inner peace with meditation and practices. This is essential to be able to come home to yourself, to your deeper values ​​and motivations, to your authentic choices. This is a prerequisite for inner leadership.


2. EMBODY * unlock the gate to your HOUSE

In this module we will focus on purifying our body, which is our house/vehicle in this life.

We need to remember that in all that we do, actively or passively, we are in the midst of prana. Prana is the life force energy that permeates reality on all levels. In order to feel good and full of energy, is it important to avail the prana that is around you. You will learn how you can eat, move, create healthy and selflove routines, clear your energy and your living surrounding in a way that increases your life energy.

3. CONNECT * unlock the gate to the power of WE

In this module you will learn a very powerful practice to: 

  • Feel free in connection with others

  • Experience genuineness and intimacy in your relationships

  • Feel more relaxed in your body

  • Do self-inquiry through contact


When we are truly being ourselves together, that's when magic happens. Love is really about TRUTH, no matter what it looks like. Even if it is what we label as ugly, unwanted, painful or shameful. As soon as we are authentic and express ourselves truly and we are present with each other, connection and intimacy will naturally arise. With ourselves, with life, with everything there is; right through the uneasiness, rigidity, detachment and closeness. In this you can experience the bliss of being, who we really are. 

4. CREATE * unlock the gate to your ARTIST

We were born out of CREATION. It is the life force energy that is moving through us. When this energy is blocked or stuck, we can feel empty, unfulfilled, restless or drained. With the first two keys we paved the way for our life energy to move more freely. Your life is a piece of art and you are the artist. So it is not only about creating poetry, writing, painting or dancing, etc. But anything you stand for, commit yourself to and take action in, will result in a piece of art. This module you will be inspired and challenged to step into your artist and bring one of your longings/dreams into creation. Small or big. That doesn't matter. 

5. CELEBRATE * unlock the gate to your ALIVENESS

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

What can you celebrate in your life right now? How can you expand your capacity for celebration?

In this module you will boost your well-being and sense of aliveness by developing your overall attitude of gratitude and enjoying what you have accomplished. We will focus on your sense of aliveness in everyday life and what celebration can add to that. 




* Kick off with connecting and setting intentions in a live zoom meeting


* Each module starts with an inspiration video. 


* Each module you will receive a worksheet with extra information and a practice.


* A visualization, meditation or inspiring story in each module. This will energetically provide shifts, opening and more flow.


* Podcasts in the series 'Flourish'


* Every two weeks we will meet in a live zoom meeting for a group Q&A session and checking in with each other and our journeys.


* In the module CONNECT we will be having an extra live session so we will have more practice possibilities.


* Recordings remain available for you to return to and repeat throughout the course.


* An online private community where we can share, inspire and uplift each other.


* During the program you can always contact me.


I am open for finding a day and time that suits most participants, but for now this is the start.


1 april 20.00 -21.30 kick off with connecting and setting intentions

15 april 20.00 -22.00 u module 1 BE

30 april 20.00 -22.00 u module 2 EMBODY

14 mei 20.00 - 22.00 u module 3 CONNECT

28 mei 20.00-22.00 u module 4 CREATE

11 juni 20.00-22.00 u module 5 CELEBRATE

25 juni 20.00 -22.00 u CLOSURE

What you get

* Practices for self acceptance and self love


* ​​Daily routine inspiration​ for a healthy body

* Embodiment & breathing practices

* Skills for a better relationship with yourself and others

​* Tips for a more flourishing home & workspace

* Encouragement to create more beauty in life

* 6 online live calls

* 5 inspirational video's 

* A safe community to inspire & uplift each other


Yes, I want to be part of the flourishing journey!

€ 777,00


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